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Home Construction and Do It Yourself
We have many articles, and are always adding more, explaining do it yourself projects and construction methods. Many of the do it yourself articles are illustrated with cad drawings or images of actual work being performed. We will also have articles on furniture construction, refinishing furniture, and minor home repair. If you have a home tip, article on a construction subject feel free to submit to the webmaster and we will post it.
Construction Calculators
Our Construction Calculators help you estimate quantities of concrete for foundations, roof areas, or lumber required for wall framing. If you would like another calculator contact the webmaster and we'll make it and get it posted.
Home Construction Forums
Our Construction Forum is a great place to get quick answers to your questions. Whether you are asking about a design question or an issue with a load bearing wall, our answers are quick and practical. The forums range from General Chat to in depth discussions on Framing and Concrete.
Construction Terms
Our construction glossary is a listing of often used words from the construction and architectural industries with definitions (these aren't websters). You can also request definitions of construction terms.
Tool Reviews
A newly added section of the website. Our tool reviews are honest, real-world depictions of what a tool is capable of and what it isn't. Feel free to comment or send in your own.

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