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Rafter Angle Calculator

This calculator will give you the angles and lengths needed for hand framing your roof. The Hip Roof checkbox is not functional at this time so the calculator will output all values. Input values as stated. If a value is 0 make sure you have a 0 there - do not leave blank.

Input Values

Roof Pitch  /12
Nominal Ridge Width inches     /16
Plan Distance  feet     inches     /16
Eave Overhang (horizontal decimal feet)  feet

Common Rafters

Overall Rafter Length  
Wall to Ridge Rafter Length  
Common Rafter Miter Angle  °

Hip Rafters

Hip Rafter Length  
Length to birdsmouth from peak (hip)  
Length to birdsmouth from heel (hip)  
Hip Rafter Bevel Angle  °
Hip Rafter Miter Angle  °

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